KAROLINA ZMARLAK Modernist Womenswear Designer


Karolina Zmarlak creates current ladylike outlines through inventive specialized textures, and structured variability, with a stylish driven by her clean legacy: European moderation.

Karolina was raised when her parents won the Clinton green card lottery in Poland in 1992. Her European sensibility and settler soul propelled her downplayed plan tasteful, individual style, and committed specialized preparing. She studied clothing designs exceptionally well and she having some expertise in fine fitting, at the form foundation of innovation in New York City, graduating with high respects.

With her tailoring experience, Zmarlak helped to establish her image with her great partner Jesse Keyes, who has a foundation in business and engineering. She’s assembled her line in view of her obsession with how each piece of clothing is developed and its capacity to stand the trial of time.

Karolina honed her skill at Carolina Herrera, seeking after both present-day refinement and functionality. In 2009, with her partner Jesse Keyes, she launched her eponymous ladies’ designer prepared to-wear line. She focuses around accuracy fitting, texture combinations, and the female outline stick to the possibility that every lady shows a novel style and voice.